BR2EX or BR2EX coins: The CLO blockchain native cryptocurrency used as the POD project main element. It has the purpose of being the cryptocurrency utilized as main exchange medium in the DLT Exchange partners’ platforms, replacing the fiat currency. For legal purposes, BR2EX is classified as a virtual financial asset (VFA).

BRX LTD: BR2EX’s issuing company, registered under the Laws of Malta, Registry Number C90232, having it’s professional address in 152, Office Number 9, Triq in Naxxar, San Gwamm, SGN 9030, Malta.

CLO blockchain: New DLT created by BRX LTD to be the BR2EX cryptocurrency’s blockchain.

DLT exchanges or exchanges DLT: meaning any digital platform that operates transactions with DLT assets, according to the own platform’s rules.

DLT exchanges partners: an DLT exchange in which the DLT assets are negotiated in the platform according to the platform and POD’S rules and where BR2EX is used as the platform’s main exchange medium.

FortKnox: an automatic liquidation of cryptocurrencies’ transactions blockchain system that aims to diminish the time and cost of operations within the DLT exchanges.

ICO: Initial Coin Offering (Oferta Inicial de Moeda).

IVFAO: Initial Virtual Financial Asset Offering (Oferta Inicial de Ativos Financeiros Digitais).

PoA (Proof-Of-Authority): CLO Blockchain’s utilized consensus method.

POD (Programa Ouro Digital – Digital Gold Program): A project that utilizes blockchain to build an alternative payment system for DLT Exchanges based on the BR2EX currency.

Stablecoin: Cryptocurrency possessing a reference value in a real asset.

BR2EX USERS/CLIENTS: The DLT exchange partner’s clients.

VFA or Virtual Financial Asset: Digital Financial Asset. According to Chapter 590 from the Laws of Malta, known as the “Virtual Financial Asset Act” or VFAA, the digital financial assets are any digital registries utilized as a means of digital exchange, account unity or store of value that is not an (a) electronical money; (b) financial instrument; or(c) virtual token.

Virtual Token: According to Chapter 590 from the Laws of Malta, the virtual token is a means of digital registry only destined for the acquisition of goods and services in the issuer’s DLT platform or in a restrict number of platforms, provided that they are not DLT exchange platforms.

White Paper: The present document’s whole.