The system works in the following manner: the managing company, BRX LTD, provides a certain number of BR2EX coins to the exchange partner.

The currencies will have a standard price defined by BRX LTD and will be pegged with the price of a gold gram.



Therefore, BR2EX’s value is defined by BRX LTD according to the gold standard and its own methodology, the latter allows it to become more valuable through usage.

The initial value of the coin will be 1 gram of gold for each coin (1:1) and the more it is used, the more valuable it will be, breaking the 1:1 parity to the gold gram.

With the use of BR2EX it will be possible for DLT exchanges to significantly increase their performance by installing FortKnox settlement Dapp for DLT exchanges, which will facilitate all transactions between cryptocurrencies, increase the speed of Bid-Ask orders and reduce the total costs related to transactions on the DLT exchange partners platform.

BRX LTD will make BR2EX coins available for the partners to use it as the primary means of exchange within their platform, provided that the DLT exchanges commit to making available and collecting such virtual currencies taking into consideration the BR2EX reference price that will be published periodically by BRX LTD, in its communication channels.

BR2EX will be a positioning element within the DLT exchange and it will act as an index for credit or as an indicator of the exchange partners users purchasing capacity in the platform, allowing the user to buy the products offered in it.

In order to the DLT exchange to have confidence in the BR2EX-based payment system, BRX LTD will maintain a gold-based “guarantee fund” providing financial security to the established pricing policy. Part of the fees charged for the BR2EX transactions will be destined to purchasing gold, adding it to the already existing reserves in the previously constituted guarantee fund.


To better understand BR2EX and the BRX LTD’s businesses and operations, certain technical terms and abbreviations, as well as, in certain instances, their descriptions, have been used in this White paper. These descriptions and assigned meanings should not be treated as definitive and may not correspond to standard industry meanings or usage.


Purpose Legitimacy
Thousands of DLT exchanges suffer from the financial institutions lack of confidence to support their operations. Development team: more than 40 professionals with vast experience in the blockchain area, technology, finances, law and crypto market - internal and external collaborators.
With no alternative to overcome this problem, the crypto-currency market is at the mercy of banks, their main competitors in the technological race. Origin: The project was done in collaboration with professionals from Brazil, the EU (Malta) and Switzerland, being consolidated in Malta.
Therefore, BR2EX emerges as a "soft stablecoin" that is intended to serve as the alternative that the exchanges need. BR2EX will be the currency of an alternative payment blockchain system, specially developed for the exchanges - Digital Gold Program (POD). Financing: the project does not need external investment.

Support: The project has the support of the world market giant, the DLT Exchange Negotiate Coins.



The objective of BR2EX is to be a currency that responds to the need for exchanges, with the ability to substitute fiduciary currencies at operations within the platforms.


To be able to replace fiat currencies, BR2EX must have a stable value. This implies that the BR2EX currency should be a stablecoin, but not in the classical sense of parity with an external asset. It will be a "stablecoin" that aims to overcome its parity, seeking to add value to itself beyond its peer, but always with stability. This is a new currency concept we call "soft stablecoin."


Its stablecoin structure is based on the trust relationship between the POD partners, who rely on the pricing policy established by the BR2EX issuing company. In order for this relationship to last, the issuer also created a guarantee fund, with gold reserves, in order to provide security to the partners who adopt the issuer's pricing policy.


The price of BR2EX will be based on gold, the universal reference value. The use of gold as a reference value also demonstrates a tribute to the currency as an exclusive invention of the market.